THIS is Gaslighting!

Hey, everybody. Thanks for checking back. So today we’re going to talk about gaslighting. What is it? How do we know if it’s happening to us and what can we do to heal afterwards? Firstly, I want to start by defining what gaslighting is. If you haven’t heard that term before it comes from a […]

How To Stop Doubting Your Relationship

Being in a relationship, it has its challenges. But watch closely as we talk about how to stop the doubt in your relationship. Here you are in a relationship and you’re wanted to go well but oh… And why is this doubt coming into your relationship? Like what’s happening? You got these questions going on. […]

How We Got Here: Crash Course Sociology #12

Until about 12,000 years ago, the largest group of people ever assembled, the most humans ever gathered in one place, was probably a crowd of about 100, tops. And there were somewhere between one and ten million people on the entire planet back then. Today, we have football stadiums that can fit a hundred people […]

Religion: Crash Course Sociology #39

Religion might not seem like something a sociologist can study. After all, religion is about personal beliefs, right? So, sociology won’t give you any answers about the existence of God, or how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. But sociology can help you think about religion as a social institution. Religion […]

Science at home! Why do apples go brown Pt 3

Little demonstration of the experiment before you head off and run your own one. Okay so first things first I am going to cut up my apple. So first of all I’m going to slice it in half and then I’m gonna make some small pieces. I slice it in half again, and i’m going […]

How To End Things Early And Easily – Ask Mark #46

How do you end things when a guy doesn’t meet your standards after one or two dates? Are there any tricks to interracial dating and if you’re out with a bunch of guys and being friendly to everyone, is that a good thing or will it mean that they think you’re easy? Welcome to Ask […]

How To Cope With Disappointment

So it didn’t work. It all fell apart. Didn’t turn out the way you wanted to? Get ready because disappointments creeping in. So here, I’m going to train you on how to deal and cope with this disappointment. So it does not ruin your day tomorrow. Okay, it didn’t work out, did it? Ah, you […]

7 Qualities That Make Men Want You

Hey, this is Mat Boggs and in today’s video, I want to share with you seven things that men want in a woman, in a lifelong partner. This question often comes in from my community, so I thought I would dedicate a video to unpack these seven qualities. And it’s interesting because when I talk […]

Shifting into a New Relationship

Hi my name’s Father Mike Schmitz and this is Ascension Presents So, a little while back, I was talking with this couple. They had kind of a little argument. What had happened was they went to this party together and as they got there, he pulled out his phone and he texted her. And he […]