Don’t like him? Let Him Down Easy Like This…

Hey there, this is Mat Boggs, creator of Cracking the Man Code, author of Project Everlasting, and today I want to talk to you about a weird little principle that will help you meet your man. And this is counterintuitive because this principle I’m going to talk about is how to reject somebody you’re not […]

How To Make A Boring Relationship Fun Again | Learn How To Fix A Boring Relationship

HOW TO MAKE MY BORING RELATIONSHIP FUN AGAIN My name is Coach Natalie and I’m a relationship coach and I’ve dedicated my entire life toward helping people just like you stay HAPPILY COMMITTED. This video in particular is how to spice up a boring relationship. I think most people in a long term relationship or […]

Signs Your Marriage Is Over And Not Worth Fighting For | Signs You Need To Get Out NOW!

What are the true signs that your marriage is over? What are the signs that your marriage is not worth fighting for? Welcome to HAPPILY COMMITTED My name is Coach Adrian and I’ve dedicated my life helping people find happiness in their relationships. For a long time I helped people recover after break-up, separation, and […]

Helping the Ladies Learn to Flirt

– Alright everybody, I’m back with these two ladies who say they have no clue how to flirt and they want my help learning how to do it. So now Reese, do you think you could do a little bit better if I gave you another chance? – I think so. – Okay, that’s good […]

Marriage Stories: Funny Married Couple Give Cute Relationship Tips

I’m Helene, I’m Hank (or Cookie whatever). And how long have we been married? — We’re not married. No, see, he doesn’t have any money. And the reason why I’m not married is because I don’t have any money because she took it all! So why marry him? And I can’t go nowhere because, I […]

Straight Talk: Is Fighting Healthy in a Relationship?

– Research has found that couples who argue effectively are more likely to have a happy relationship than those who sweep difficult issues under the rug. Now, we actually have a married couple who’s struggling with how to strike the right balance with their arguments. Let’s say hello to Catarah and Carlos. (applause) Oh okay […]