AI weather forecasts could change the way we live – and ruin chatter forever

AI weather The consequence of the Great Storm of 1987 was not only the loss of 15 million trees. It shook the nation’s confidence in weather forecasting. After all, who can forget when weatherman Michael Fish infamously declared to viewers who feared a hurricane was coming, “Don’t worry, there isn’t one!” Fortunately, almost forty years … Read more

How scientists use artificial intelligence to predict forest fires

Forecasting fires is not easy: there are so many different types of challenges that forecasters face, both before a wildfire starts and even while it is active. These fires can start anytime and anywhere. So many different factors need to be considered before we can estimate how quickly this could spread and how deeply it … Read more

Space weather is chaotic and difficult to predict. This new model could change that

Scientists are building a digital model of space around Earth that goes beyond the state of the art to improve the prediction of solar storms and their effects on infrastructure. Nearly seventy years after the beginning of the Space Age, scientists’ insights are… space again is still very rude. Unlike Earth’s weather, which is now … Read more

7 food and agricultural innovations needed to protect the climate and feed a fast-growing world

For the first time, food and agriculture were central during the annual United Nations climate conference in 2023. More than 130 countries signed a declaration on December 1 pledging to make their food systems – everything from production to consumption – central to national strategies to tackle climate change. The declaration contains few concrete actions … Read more