For 42 years, a couple tended the grave of an abandoned baby. Now an arrest has been made

There is a small grave in a remote and secluded spot in Northampton Cemetery, separated from the other graves of young children tragically taken from their parents by illness or accident. It lies on the edge of the cemetery, all by itself, a pauper’s grave. The message on the gravestone reads: “In Loving Memory/Of An … Read more

Ten miles of traffic jams at Dartford Crossing after car fire on M25

Motorists are facing around 10 miles of traffic jams around the Dartford Crossing on the M25, clockwise, following a vehicle fire. All lanes were closed at 10.25am on the M25, clockwise, from Junction 1a (Swanscombe) to Junction 1b (A296 Princes Road, Dartford). All four lanes were reopened around 12:35 p.m. Queues formed around the Essex-Kent … Read more

Starmer’s idiotic worship of the NHS has exposed him for who he really is

Unlike Nigel Farage, Sir Keir Starmer has said remarkably little of note during this campaign. On several occasions he has stood next to a sign reading ‘CHANGE’ with his Starmer halftime expression – that of a man with unbearable piles gingerly lowering himself onto an inflatable haemorrhoid pillow. The most radical thing the Labor leader … Read more

Early warning signs in your hands that could indicate heart disease or lung cancer

Your hands can reveal a lot about you, from the hardness and calluses that come from years of physical work to the softness that comes with a life of ease. However, they can also indicate the onset of serious health problems, such as heart disease and lung cancer. Heart disease is the second leading cause … Read more

Mothers of prison staff who had secret boyfriends of a convict were caught after going to prison to shower

These are the faces of an aid worker and the two prisoners for whom she smuggled drugs and phones into prison after falling ‘in love’. Amy Portwood and Adrienne Juniper, from Leigh, fell “in love” with convicted Manchester robbers Darren McAndrew and Philip Phythian and took contraband to the prison where they worked. They also … Read more

Post office involved in ‘possible criminal conspiracy’ – forensic accountant

An independent forensic accountant brought in to investigate the Horizon system has told an inquiry that ex-Post Office boss Paula Vennells ‘often and consistently’ tried to distract him from investigating miscarriages of justice. Ian Henderson, one of two Second Sight forensic accounts paid by the Post Office (POL) in 2012 to review cases involving Horizon, … Read more

The man’s journey to the chippy ends with a decades-long prison sentence

A man’s trip to the chippy led to him spending almost 30 years behind bars. Thomas Speed ​​was identified as the user of the EncroChat handle “Simple Creek” after his supposedly secret messages showed him referring to a chip shop near his home, as well as his asphalt business. He and two other men, James … Read more

The Toxic Truth About Mouthwash

More than a third of us use mouthwash, whether just for an extra burst of minty freshness after brushing our teeth or to tackle bleeding gums. However, instead of improving the performance of your toothbrush, this habit can endanger your health. For more than a decade, studies have suggested that mouthwash may increase the risk … Read more

the car in which you can be seen

I had never been to Ibiza before. I’d heard of it, of course, but that’s exactly why I’d avoided the place. I don’t like clubbing or thong bikinis, which means I definitely don’t like clubbing in a thong bikini. “Oh, but the north side of the island is beautiful!” Ibiza lovers say when you tell … Read more