Asteroid is a ‘completely different body’ after being hit by NASA spacecraft, scientists say

Asteroid is a ‘completely different body’ after being hit by NASA spacecraft, scientists say

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news about fascinating discoveries, scientific developments and more. When NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft deliberately collided with the asteroid Dimorphos in September 2022, the impact may have caused “global deformation” of the space rock, according to new research. The purpose of the … Read more

Is the Bondo monkey a cryptid or a specially adapted chimpanzee?

Is this a lion-killing monkey or just an atypical eastern chimpanzee? Anup Shah/Getty Images Nestled deep in the wilderness of the Congo Basin, lies the Bondo monkey stands at the crossroads of legend and scientific reality. Once seen only in fleeting glimpses, this creature has become the focus of intense curiosity and rigorous investigation. A … Read more

How record heat in February prepares US for crop-destroying ‘whiplash’

Forget spring: This week, much of the interior U.S. gets a taste of summer. A wave of unusually high temperatures — often 30 to 40 degrees above average — is blasting states from Texas to the Dakotas and east to the shores of the Great Lakes. That heat follows the hottest December on record, and … Read more

Transparent screens have been popping up at trade shows for years, but I still don’t understand why you would really want one

Samsung transparent microLED. Andy Edser, hardware writer Andy Edser This month I tested: Laptops and flight sticks again, with an emphasis on a few RTX 4090 mobile beasts. I still think the RTX 4080 mobile is a much better call for a laptop GPU, but some will always prefer the biggest GPU you can buy, … Read more

Angry farmers once forced India’s hardline leader into a rare retreat. Now that the elections are just around the corner, they are back

Just over two years after forcing Prime Minister Narendra Modi into an extraordinary about-face, protesting Indian farmers are back on the streets – and this time the stakes are higher. For about two weeks, thousands of angry farmers have gathered at the borders of the Indian capital to demand higher fixed prices for their crops, … Read more

Phones distract students in class. More and more states are pushing schools to ban them

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — In California, a high school teacher complains that students are watching Netflix on their phones during class. In Maryland, a chemistry teacher says students are using gambling apps to place bets during the school day. Across the country, educators say students are routinely sending Snapchat messages in class, listening to music … Read more

How AI can discover the world’s oldest archaeological mysteries

Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast This month, a trio of computer scientists won the Vesuvius Challenge, a competition to use artificial intelligence to reveal four passages from Ancient Greek that had been encased in a charred scroll for 2,000 years. The artifact was found in Herculaneum, a Roman seaside resort destroyed by the eruption … Read more

Qualcomm chips will be ‘at the forefront’ of AI device deployment: CFO

Semiconductor designer Qualcomm (QCOM) presented its latest generation of chips and AI models for mobile devices at the World Mobile Congress 2024 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Qualcomm CFO and COO Akash Palkhiwala sits down with Yahoo Finance’s Brad Smith to discuss the company’s artificial intelligence hub and use cases across devices: “You already see the benefit … Read more