Lions? They’re the ants you have to worry about on safari

Lions? They’re the ants you have to worry about on safari

Sitting in the back of a 4×4 Landcruiser, watching nature documentaries unfold in real time, it’s easy to become complacent on safari. Scenes shine with a Disney-esque sheen when viewed from the cosseted safety of a tour vehicle. But take a step solid groundand the mood can change very quickly. Last week, another tourist made … Read more

“Teenage girls have so much cultural and economic power”

“Teenage girls have so much cultural and economic power”

If you’re still recovering from One Direction’s breakup eight years after the boy band split, you’re in luck. While the boys won’t be reuniting for a final tour for a while, the brand new London opening, Fangirls, might be the next best thing. The musical, by Australian screenwriter Yve Blake, premiered in her home country … Read more

The sleepy corner of South Africa where the world’s best olive oil comes from

The sleepy corner of South Africa where the world’s best olive oil comes from

As I swirl the golden liquid in my glass, I catch an aroma of freshly cut grass, the scent of extra virgin olive oil at its finest. I swallow, tasting the peppery notes of the polyphenols that have earned a small farm in South Africa’s Klein Karoo the title of the world’s best oil. As … Read more

art inspired by democracy – and the despots who overthrew it

No place on earth should have more authority to speak of the enduring appeal of democracy than the place that first came up with it. But a new art exhibition in Athens seems reluctant to shout about its credentials. You have to walk all the way to the end of the National Gallery of Greece … Read more

The Return of Pan Am – and Five Other New Travel Experiences for the Super-Rich

Did you know there are people in the world who are completely obsessed with Pan Am? A 12-day commemorative trip to celebrate the American airline’s legendary service and cultural icon status, Tracing the Transatlantic Ocean, will take place in June 2025 aboard a privately chartered, all-business class 757-200, but it won’t come cheap. Inspired by … Read more

How the British cosmetic surgery industry went bust

Marianne Green, 30, is one of an estimated 150,000 Britons who have flown to Turkey for cosmetic surgery in the past year. The experience was “brilliant,” she says. “We had a hotel stay in Istanbul included in the price. They picked me up from the airport, took me to my hotel and drove me to … Read more

10 of the best beaches and islands in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland

Søndervig, Denmark Sun worshippers and sea divers have been drawn to Søndervig, known as the gateway to the North Sea, for over a century, drawn by its silvery-gold sands and grassy dunes. There are good facilities: mini golf, tennis, trampolines and Segways are all available near the beach, with some excellent seafood restaurants in town. … Read more

within two major heritage restorations in a city known for its pro-development

Claire Moore sips a cup of tea as she looks out over a wide river from the back porch of a stately home surrounded by beautiful fig trees and an avenue of queen palms. “I don’t think there’s a more beautiful place in Brisbane,” says the former senator. But despite the ease with which Moore … Read more

The Divorce of Susanna/Pagliacci; Spring Snow; Giorgi Gigasjvili – review

More than 60% of women murdered in this country die at the hands of a current or former partner, and one in four women in the UK will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. Stark figures that audiences should bear in mind if they are tempted to be shocked by Opera Holland Park’s visceral depiction … Read more