Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships | Tips to Healthy Love

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Hey guys, welcome back. Thanks for joining me again for another video you know what dawned on me this past week that we have done a lot of videos on this channel a lot of Educational stuff talking about emotional views talking about narcissistic abuse talking about codependency Learning how to love ourselves for maybe the first time really focusing on healthy dating But it dawned on me that I never really did a video on what a healthy relationship Even looks like and I know that a lot of people have asked me Well if this is what an unhealthy relationship looks like then what isn’t healthy one look like because I’ve never been in one before So for this video, I want to give you seven things to kind of think about that way You can know if you are in a healthy relationship. So this video is gonna talk all about what really defines a healthy Lasting and happy relationship.

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THIS is Gaslighting!

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Hey, everybody. Thanks for checking back. So today we’re going to talk about gaslighting. What is it? How do we know if it’s happening to us and what can we do to heal afterwards?

Firstly, I want to start by defining what gaslighting is. If you haven’t heard that term before it comes from a movie Gaslight that came out a long time ago. Where a guy was manipulative to a woman in order to get some jewels, I think. But either way that’s where that term came from, that’s why we have it today.

But what gaslighting is is a form of manipulation. The reason that someone will even gaslight someone else is because they want to manipulate them and make them question their perception, their sanity and even their memory. Sociopaths of Narcissists are known to use gaslighting in ways to get their needs met and you can see why if you want more information on those two diagnoses you can click the links in the description. I’ll put them down there. But the reasons that people who struggle with those different diagnoses use it is because [a] Sociopath will use it to gain something.

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How To Stop Doubting Your Relationship

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Being in a relationship, it has its challenges. But watch closely as we talk about how to stop the doubt in your relationship. Here you are in a relationship and you’re wanted to go well but oh… And why is this doubt coming into your relationship?

Like what’s happening? You got these questions going on. You know, you kind of look at this relationship and you’re wondering about it.

You may even feel like this insight feeling like you are almost wanting to pull away from this relationship. Kind of distance yourself from this person. Well, this doubt in your relationship, maybe before you make a final decision, let’s talk about some things about what may be happening in your relationship. Because it would not be good if there was just some small tweaks that you could do that you would miss that and you would actually get rid of this relationship.

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How We Got Here: Crash Course Sociology #12

Until about 12,000 years ago, the largest group of people ever assembled, the most humans ever gathered in one place, was probably a crowd of about 100, tops. And there were somewhere between one and ten million people on the entire planet back then. Today, we have football stadiums that can fit a hundred people a thousand times over. The city of Shanghai has a population of over 24 million.

And there are almost 7.5 billion people on Earth! How the heck did we get from there to here? That might sound like a history question, and it is, partly.

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Religion: Crash Course Sociology #39

Religion might not seem like something a sociologist can study. After all, religion is about personal beliefs, right? So, sociology won’t give you any answers about the existence of God, or how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. But sociology can help you think about religion as a social institution.

Religion might not seem like something a sociologist can study. After all, religion is about personal beliefs, right? So, sociology won’t give you any answers about the existence of God, or how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. But sociology can help you think about religion as a social institution.

In the same way that we might study the family or the government, we can ask questions about religion’s role in society. Like, how do different religions influence social norms in a society? What’s the function of religion in a society? Does it improve social cohesiveness or entrench inequalities?

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Science at home! Why do apples go brown Pt 3

Little demonstration of the experiment before you head off and run your own one. Okay so first things first I am going to cut up my apple. So first of all I’m going to slice it in half and then I’m gonna make some small pieces. I slice it in half again, and i’m going to cut it really small. And again don’t worry if you don’t have an apple, you can be doing this with a potato or lettuce or banana as I’ve said.We’re going to cut it again so we’ve got really thin pieces of apple.

We’re going to cut it again, nice small chunks of apple just like this so I’ve now got four pieces of apple. I’m going to cut another one as where I’ve got each cut another two, so let’s cut this one. Okay so now I’m going to put the pieces of apple into each of the bowls. This one is my control so this one is not going to have anything in it. We’re just going to leave that just as apple.

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How To End Things Early And Easily – Ask Mark #46

How do you end things when a guy doesn’t meet your standards after one or two dates? Are there any tricks to interracial dating and if you’re out with a bunch of guys and being friendly to everyone, is that a good thing or will it mean that they think you’re easy? Welcome to Ask Mark. It’s week number 46. I’m so excited to be here and tickets are now available.

Go and get them. I’m coming to a city near you. Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, LA, New York, Miami. Tickets are now available. Now, everyone says there’s very few tickets.

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How To Cope With Disappointment

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So it didn’t work. It all fell apart. Didn’t turn out the way you wanted to? Get ready because disappointments creeping in. So here, I’m going to train you on how to deal and cope with this disappointment.

So it does not ruin your day tomorrow. Okay, it didn’t work out, did it? Ah, you know how this happens and then didn’t turn out the way you wanted to. Your thoughts go crazy and those emotions come up and now you find yourself just diving into this weird pool of disappointment. Now, it’s totally cool to be disappointment just for a while but what happens is is when disappointment starts to grow.

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Instagram Live for Business

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Do your palms start sweating, just at the mere thought of hitting the Go Live button on Instagram to connect with your followers. Um, me. Hello, hi. But going live, even just for two minutes a day has proven to be an incredible way to connect with those followers of yours who are gonna turn into customers. So today I’m sharing my best Instagram Live tips for business.

Make sure you stay until the end where I’m going to share my framework to keep viewers engaged from the time you go live all the way to the end. So the very first thing you should do is double check your upload speed. If you’re connected to your home’s Wifi, you should be good to go. If you’re out and about like me, what I like to do is actually download a speed test app on my phone.

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7 Qualities That Make Men Want You

Hey, this is Mat Boggs and in today’s video, I want to share with you seven things that men want in a woman, in a lifelong partner. This question often comes in from my community, so I thought I would dedicate a video to unpack these seven qualities. And it’s interesting because when I talk to my guy friends, and for years, we’d do camping trips and the guys would sit around and we’d talk about, “Hey, man. How are things going with Kim?” and, “How are things going with Lisa?” and the one word they kept using to describe it when it was really good, they would say, “Oh man, it’s awesome.” I would say, “Well, what do you like about her?” And they’d say, “You know what? She’s just cool.

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