Britain’s pro-reform leader starts campaigning in Clacton as polling guru says he could cost the Tories 60 seats

Britain’s newly crowned leader Nigel Farage will kick off his general election campaign in Clacton on Tuesday as he begins his eighth attempt to become an MP.

In a blow to Rishi Sunak, the former UKIP leader announced on Monday that he would run for the Essex constituency, declaring himself the new leader of Reform, a position he says he wants to hold for five years.

It is believed that the loyal constituency supporting Brexit will be favorable to Farage – but it will be his party’s impact on the national picture that will most worry the Conservatives.

To write for The times In the wake of the major YouGov poll suggesting Labor is on course to win its biggest majority in 100 years, polling guru Sir John Curtice noted that Reform’s decision to contest Tory seats was “just one reason” why YouGov estimated that the Tories could be in trouble. only 140 seats is credible.

This was “even though it implies that the party could lose as many as 60 more seats than it would if its support fell by the same amount everywhere,” Sir John said.

Farage draws up plan for ‘reverse takeover of Conservative Party’

09:18 , Maryam Zakir-Hussein

Nigel Farage has set out his aim for Reform UK to effectively take over the Conservative Party – and potentially put him in tenth place.

The veteran Eurosceptic, who has now been appointed leader of Britain’s reform movement and is seeking a seat in Clacton at the general election, suggested that a “section” of Conservatives could join his party.

He compared the situation to Canadian politics, where Stephen Harper had been elected a reform MP but would later lead a “new Conservative” government.

Farage on Monday backtracked on his earlier suggestion that he would not stand as a candidate in this general election. He chose to fight in Clacton and was installed as reform leader in Richard Tice’s place.

He had previously suggested he could be open to talks with the Tories, but suggested he could not work with them in their current form.

Instead, he told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that his aim was to take over the Conservative Party, rather than join it.

Farage: ‘I want to take over the Tories’

8:40 am , Maryam Zakir-Hussein

Reform Britain’s Nigel Farage has suggested his long-term goal was to effectively take over the Conservative Party.

He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that he cannot support or try to lead the Conservative Party “as they currently are”.

But he added: “You can speculate about what will happen in three or four years. All I can tell you is that if the reforms succeed in the way I think they can, some of the Conservative Party will join us. – it’s the other way around.”

He pointed to Canada, where “Reform did a reverse takeover of the Conservative Party, changed its name and Stephen Harper – who was elected Reform MP – became Canada’s prime minister for a decade.”

He said: “I don’t want to join the Conservative Party, I think it would be better to take over the party.”

    (PA wire)

(PA wire)

Caroline Lucas on Farage’s ‘zero’ net migration: ‘Massive labor shortages and public services on their knees’

08:38 , Maryam Zakir-Hussein

Commenting on Nigel Farage’s “zero” net migration policy, former Green Party leader Caroline Lucas said: “Farage is absolutely clear that the future he offers is one of massive labor shortages, public services on their knees, and more more division and hatred. ”

‘We literally don’t need one’: Farage challenged on ‘non-essential migrants’

08:35 , Maryam Zakir-Hussein

When asked who he considers “non-essential migrants”, Nigel Farage replied: “Unskilled labour.”

Mishal Hussain, presenter of BBC Radio 4 Today, continued his terminology and clarified: “Physical, manual labor.”

Ms Hussain asked whether construction workers fall under this definition, to which he replied: “We literally don’t need one.”

‘A vote for reform opens the door for Labour’ – Home sec

08:23 , Maryam Zakir-Hussein

Explain to him that their hearts must have sunk when Nigel Farage announced he will stand as a Reform UK candidate in the general election. James Cleverly said: “I think the person whose heart really sank was Richard Tice, who was obviously squeezed out.

“A vote for reform will not create a reform government, reform will not be part of the next government; it’s either Rishi Sunak and a Conservative government, or Keir Starmer and a Labor government.

“A vote for reform opens the door for a Labor government, and a Labor government will simply open the door and wave people to our country.”

08:01 , Maryam Zakir-Hussein

Nigel Farage labels BBC newsreader ‘very, very boring’ during heated interview

Smart: ‘Reform is a vehicle for Farage’s self-promotion’

07:50 , Maryam Zakir-Hussein

Home Secretary James Cleverly said he was surprised by Reform UK’s Nigel Farage’s decision to stand for election in Clacton.

“The last time I heard him refer to Clacton he said he didn’t want to spend every Friday in Clacton,” Mr Cleverly told Sky News.

“Reforms have always been a tool for Nigel Farage’s self-promotion, I think Richard Tice is now discovering that rather painfully.”

He said Sir Keir Starmer would like people to vote for reform as this “opens the door” for a Labor government.

    (PA wire)    (PA wire)

(PA wire)

John Curtice says Nigel Farage could cost the Tories up to 60 seats

07:31 , Maryam Zakir-Hussein

Polling guru Professor Sir John Curtice has said Nigel Farage’s decision to take over the leadership of Reform UK will deal a significant blow to the Conservatives, potentially costing them as many as 60 seats.

Mr Curtice noted that Farage’s announcement came on the same afternoon as the release of YouGov’s first MRP poll for this election, leaving the Conservatives almost 20 points behind in the vote and at risk of losing three in five of their seats to lose.

These poll numbers are at least partly due to steady 10 percent support for the Reform Party, led by Mr Farage, which is attracting former Conservative voters who supported Brexit in 2019, he said.

John Curtice says Nigel Farage could cost the Tories up to 60 seats

Tories unveil immigration pledge within hours of Farage’s announcement

Monday June 3, 2024 11:19 PM , Andy Gregory

Nigel Farage’s announcement came on a day when two major polls suggested the Tories were already heading for a historically heavy defeat. A YouGov MRP poll of 12,000 people predicted Labor will have its largest ever majority at 194, leaving the Tories behind on 140 seats.

Within hours of the revelation, Tory MPs and candidates were asked to attend a briefing on an ‘immigration lock’ pledge, meaning a Conservative government would put a legal cap on annual immigration figures.

The move was seen as an attempt to prevent Reform UK and Farage from splitting the vote on the right.

You can find more information about the policy here:

The Tories are promising an annual cap on visas at the general election and promising to cut immigration

Tories face an ‘existential risk’ as Farage declares he will stand as a candidate for Reform UK

Monday June 3, 2024 11:18 PM , Andy Gregory

Nigel Farage has electrified the general election campaign by taking over the reins of Reform UK and attempting to become an MP.

As first revealed by The independentMr Farage will contest Tory-held Clacton in Essex, in what has already been described as “an existential risk” for the Tories.

The decision comes as a major blow to Rishi Sunak’s electoral hopes, as the former UKIP leader – who had said he would not stand as a candidate – confirmed he had changed his mind and decided to run in the general elections.

My colleagues Archie Mitchell And David Maddox have the full report:

Tories face an ‘existential risk’ as Farage declares he will stand as candidate

Monday June 3, 2024 11:16 PM , Andy Gregory

Good morning, we’re using this blog to bring you live updates from the launch of Nigel Farage’s general election campaign in Clacton as he attempts to finally enter Parliament as an MP for the eighth time.

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