Coronation Street spoilers next week as the couple split, the teen overdoses, the abuser returns and the exit is sealed

More heartbreak awaits in Weatherfield as one couple splits and another relationship may be over before it even begins. It starts when Liam Connor and Joseph Brown settle down to watch a movie. When Joseph asks Liam if things have improved at school, Liam has trouble breathing and reaches for his inhaler.

Joseph urges him to tell Maria about his panic attacks, but Liam refuses because he doesn’t want to worry her. While Joseph is on the lookout, Liam rummages through the cupboards for sweets. He is intrigued when he finds Paul’s stash of benzo pills and puts them in his pocket.

Meanwhile, at the Rovers, Gary Windass looks worriedly at Sarah Barlow as she downs the wine. When he sees her going home with another bottle, he goes over. As he does so, Liam returns home to find Gary not back, and feeling a panic attack coming on, he pulls out Paul’s Benzo pills.

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It is Paul’s husband Billy Mayhew who discovers the missing pills and when Joseph reveals that Liam was looking for sweets, Billy panics. Unbeknownst to them, Liam lies unconscious alone in the flat, with the pill bottle next to him.

Later, Maria explains to Billy and Paul how Liam has suicidal thoughts. Maria returns home to find Sarah and Gary looking devious and she picks up some things and surreptitiously places a camera on the side. When Gary sees Sarah outside, they hug and agree to keep their distance from now on, but Maria watches them on her phone and her face darkens.

And it looks like all is not well for the couple as Gary hopes for a reconciliation by the end of the week, but Maria makes it clear that is not on the cards. Gary is devastated and a distressed Maria confides in brother Kirk Sutherland about what Liam was like during his first therapy session and she feels like the worst mother in the world.

Liam is found collapsed in the flat -Credit:ITV

Liam is found collapsed in the flat -Credit:ITV

Elsewhere, poor Roy Cropper is still behind bars awaiting trial after being charged with the murder of Lauren Bolton following her sudden disappearance. And Roy is left behind in the ITV soap’s upcoming scenes as Dee-Dee breaks the news to Bailey that the police have failed to track down Lauren’s necklace and mystery boyfriend, so they’re back to square one. Meanwhile, Daniel Osbourne tells his father Ken Barlow that he has made an appointment with Nicky Wheatley because, as an ex-sex worker, she may have news about Lauren. Ken warns him to be careful.

Speaking of Lauren’s case, Bobby Crawford, Max Turner, Bethany Platt and Beth gather at the police station to watch the police’s reconstruction of Lauren’s last known movements. But as Bethany looks into a crowd of people, she is shocked to recognize her former abuser Nathan Curtis among them.

As she struggles to control her emotions, Daniel finds Bethany at home, clearly upset. Bethany admits that she is convinced she saw Nathan at the police station, but he assures Bethany that Nathan is in jail and that it was her mind playing tricks. Meanwhile, Nicky calls around and reveals that she is off to meet a girl named Ellie, who was groomed as a teenager and may have information about Lauren.

Nathan Curtis is back Weatherfield – Credit: ITVNathan Curtis is back Weatherfield – Credit: ITV

Nathan Curtis is back Weatherfield – Credit: ITV

While Daniel insists that it is her mind playing tricks on her, Bethany pauses the police reconstruction video and zooms in to show Daniel a close-up of Nathan. At the police station, Detective Swain confirms to Bethany that Nathan was released months ago and so an angry Bethany urges her to take him in for questioning, convinced that he is Lauren’s killer.

After doing some investigating and discovering that Nathan works at a construction site near the police station, Bethany and Daniel track him down. As Nathan turns the corner, he stops. Bethany is shocked when she comes face to face with her abuser, but she soon sees red and accuses Nathan of killing Lauren.

Elsewhere, Alya Nazir tells Adam Barlow that their kiss ruined her career prospects. Rich meets Alya and confirms that the Dublin internship is still hers, as Adam has assured him that any misunderstanding was entirely his fault. Later, as Adam talks to Alya, Yasmeen wonders if she will miss him. Will Alya be able to bring herself to leave when he hands her an expensive law book and wishes her well in Dublin?

Alya prepares to leave for Dublin.  Credit: ITVAlya prepares to leave for Dublin.  Credit: ITV

Alya prepares to leave for Dublin. Credit: ITV

Meanwhile, when Glenda Shuttleworth tells a guilty George Shuttleworth how she is desperate to raise money to buy Estelle’s Little Big Shotz company, he offers to help her apply for a bank loan. But as he looks at her accounts, he realizes she will never get a loan.

With what she has, Glenda makes an offer to Estelle to buy Little Big Shotz on credit and pay her back in installments. Worried, George undermines the deal by saying she has no means to pay the monthly installments. Glenda then moans to Todd Grimshaw about George’s betrayal and Todd assumes she is referring to their father Archie’s will. But when Glenda demands to know what will happen, Todd realizes his mistake.

As she seeks advice, Adam warns Glenda that suing George for half the case would be expensive, that there is no guarantee she will win and that she should forget about it. Glenda is crushed and then slams into Michael Bailey, spilling her drink all over her stomach. When Rupert from Rest Easy calls the undertaker and expresses his interest in buying the business, George and Todd are furious to discover that Glenda has put it up for sale.

Also outside the flat, Bernie Winter comes face to face with Denny, pushing Paul’s wheelchair. Denny claims he’s taking it for a service, but Bernie doesn’t believe a word and threatens to call the police. Meanwhile, Billy and Paul are despondent after their meeting with the council about the MND cuts, and tell Bernie to look for other ways to raise money.

After putting up the karaokethon all evening, Paul, Billy and Gemma are terrified and tell Bernie she did a great job. With the weight of her guilty secret hanging over her, Bernie tells Gemma she’s sorry for being such a rubbish mother. Gemma is perplexed.

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