Insights from a nutritionist from the Cleveland Clinic Diet App

Julia Zumpano has been happily supporting patients one-on-one for 19 years. But the nutrition professional recently got the chance to expand her reach – and she grabbed it with both hands.

Zumpano is a registered dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Human Nutrition, and her expert insight helped inform the guidelines for two programs in the hospital’s new wellness and diet coaching app, the Cleveland Clinic Diet app. Both programs are designed to educate and empower users to make healthier food and lifestyle choices.

The app was developed in collaboration with FitNow, part of the Everyday Health Group.

“A lot of times we give our health away to the provider we seek,” says Zumpano, who is also the Nutrition Media Liaison for the Cleveland Clinic. “The goal of this [app] is to take responsibility for that and understand what is happening in our bodies – to be involved in the decisions that are made [in order to] being able to make lifestyle changes that support your health and your overall health outcomes.

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