Masterclasses from the Evening Standard

What are Masterclasses from the Evening Standard?

The Evening Standard Masterclasses are our range of online and face-to-face classes, led by world-class talent, and designed to help you realize your potential and become the person you want to be.

Are the Masterclasses interactive?

Our masterclasses range in format, from evening sessions with award-winning writers to full-day workshops to hone your professional skills. Where possible we aim to use interactive elements so that you can ask your burning questions, start a conversation or put ideas into practice.

Although the interactive features may vary from masterclass to masterclass, they generally offer opportunities to connect with the teacher and other participants through the online chat function and on-camera conversations. If necessary, we also use breakout rooms for some workshops. The teacher may divide the class into smaller groups, usually between 3-4 people, for group discussion or activity.

All our interactive activities are optional and designed to be inclusive and productive.

How do the Masterclasses contribute to De Standaard’s journalism?

The Evening Standard has been serving Londoners for almost 200 years. To ensure London remains the most amazing, dynamic and inclusive city in the world, we keep the Standard free for everyone to read. Buying a ticket for a masterclass is a powerful way to support this mission.

Which streaming platform do you use to host online Masterclasses?

Our online masterclasses are hosted on Zoom. If you have not used Zoom before, we recommend that you download the Zoom app and create an account prior to class. We also recommend that you participate in a test meeting, hosted by Zoom, to test your audio and video settings.

How can I ensure I have the best online experience?


A good internet connection is essential when participating in a live, interactive class online. Therefore, check your internet speed here before purchasing a ticket for our masterclasses. If your internet speed is too slow or spotty, do not purchase a ticket until you find another way to connect to the internet. Some simple tips to improve your internet connection include moving closer to your router, using a wired internet connection instead of Wi-Fi and other apps, and closing browser tabs. You can also try joining from another device if possible.

On the day

For the best user experience, we recommend using a laptop or tablet equipped with a webcam and keyboard to access your masterclass. To check your settings, make sure you’ve downloaded the Zoom app and signed in, and join a test call with Zoom. Please join the class 5-10 minutes before the start time so that you can take a few minutes to make sure your video and audio are working correctly.

Will the workshop be recorded and can I receive a copy?

Catch-up recordings of online masterclasses will be made available exclusively to ticket holders and will be made available as a private link for two weeks. Recordings are only made and shared with the permission of the teacher and at the discretion of the Evening Standard Team Masterclasses. Not all courses are made available as catch-up recordings. If a catch-up recording is available, this will be clearly indicated at the point of purchase. See the ticket information on the individual course pages for more information. If available, catch-up recordings will be shared with cardholders within 2 business days of the end of the course.

What should I do if I have a technical problem during class?

During the lesson itself, you can use the chat function to raise any technical or access issues with our support team. You have the option to send any questions privately to a member of our team, who is always ready to help you.

Try this quick list of troubleshooting actions:

  • Exit the meeting and rejoin the meeting. Don’t worry if you need to restart your device or the Zoom app. You can rejoin the meeting at any time using the same link.

  • Maximize your Internet connection – remember to close unwanted tabs, move closer to your router, and turn off other devices that may be using the Internet.

  • Take a look at your microphone and camera under the Settings tab to make sure they are correct. Your settings may need to be adjusted if you are connected to more than one camera or if you are using external headphones.

  • Make sure you have downloaded the Zoom app. Using the app should improve any issues related to connectivity or audio and video quality.

  • Try joining with a different device as this may be a problem with your equipment itself.

For more support using Zoom, see the Zoom FAQ page.

I have not received an access link to participate in the workshop. What should I do?

If for any reason you cannot find the access link to join the event at least two hours before the start time, please follow these steps:

  • If you’re still unable to find the access link, please contact the team at as soon as possible. Please include the name of the class you are attending, your order number, and a brief description of the issues you are encountering. are confronted. We will respond as quickly as possible.

I have a disability. How does this Masterclass meet my entry requirements?

We strive to make our masterclasses accessible to everyone and, where possible, to remove barriers to participation.

When purchasing a ticket, you have the option to let us know if you have any entry requirements or need adjustments to enable participation in the class. This includes letting us know if you require information in a different format or rely on subtitles.

Accommodations may include expanded access to a catch-up recording, more time for pre-course reading or activities, audio descriptions of slides and visual content, or other assistance with lesson preparation. All of our classes have automated captions/subtitles available that participants can enable or disable in their Zoom settings. Please let us know if you need further assistance with this setup.

During our masterclasses you will be accompanied by experienced staff who are ready to assist you with any technical problems or questions. You can message them at any time via the Zoom chat feature.

Please contact us at if you have any additional requirements, questions or concerns regarding accessibility.

The workshop I wanted to attend is sold out. Are you still available for a date?

Be the first to know about our latest workshops by joining the Evening Standard newsletter Masterclasses here.

Can I arrange a Masterclass for my workplace?

Yes! Please contact us at if you would like to discuss a bespoke masterclass for your workplace.

I can no longer attend a workshop, can I get my money back?

Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another date for the same course. If you are unable to attend, make-up admissions are available to ticket holders on most courses. In the rare event that a course is not available as a catch-up recording, this will be made clear at the point of purchase and in your ticket emails.

If you can notify us of your absence 72 hours or more before the class, we can also change the name on the ticket and have another person attend in your place. More information about our refund policy can be found in our terms and conditions.

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