‘Reading stood up for itself’: AZ guide to the 2023/24 season at Reading Football Club

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‘Reading stood up for itself’: AZ guide to the 2023/24 season at Reading Football Club (Image: JasonPIX)

With another season coming to an end, the Reading Chronicle was commissioned to create a 2023/24 AZ of the Royals season.

Look below.

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It was a historic day for all the wrong reasons. The club’s woes were on display for all to see in January when thousands stormed the pitch against Port Vale and refused to yield until the match was called off. After a suspended deduction and winning the rescheduled match, no real damage was done, and the football world applauded as Reading stood up for themselves.

B banners

From day one to the end, there was a wide range of funny and emotional banners on display supporting the club and protesting against its owner.

C- Coverage

The club has not been in the news more than in the past twelve months. And unfortunately not the headlines that supporters want to read. However, it has made many happy to see the entire football world and community sitting up and taking notice of the battle.

D-Dai Yongge out

Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the season remains the fact that Yongge remains in charge. While discussions are ongoing, it has been almost a calendar year since it became clear that the Chinese businessman could no longer or would not finance the club. For the club to move forward, this summer must bring change.


It wouldn’t be Reading without another year of EFL penalties. For issues ranging from HMRC, salaries and pitch invasions, the club has now lost 18 points at the hands of the EFL. This makes Dai Yongge one of the club’s bogey teams during his seven years of ownership.

F- FA Cup exit

Reading fell at the second round hurdle and failed to reach the third round for the first time in more than twenty years. When Eastleigh left the league, the fallout was less negative than it would have been had it not been used as a new platform to show the world what is happening to the club, once again receiving strong support from big names in the sport .

G- Goals…there are plenty!

Reading scored 98 goals in the 2023/24 season, the most since the record-breaking promotion of 2005/06. Four players finished in double figures, three of whom arrived in the summer.

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After 16 years playing for his boyhood club, 2023/24 marked the end of an era as Tom Holmes left for Luton Town. After an emotional final bow against Blackpool, the defender made sure it was a ‘see you soon’ and not a ‘goodbye’.

I – Ipswich Town

Premier League newcomers Ipswich were taken to penalties in August as Ruben Selles’ youngsters showed their worth in the Carabao Cup. Having already beaten a strong Millwall team 4-0 at the Den, the entertaining 2-2 draw against Ipswich proved the side were capable of good things.

J-January window

One that will live long in the memory, and for all the wrong reasons. Nelson Abbey, Tom McIntyre and Tom Holmes all left – with varying degrees of guile from above – causing disquiet among the fanbase and the club as a whole. Going forward, Taylan Harris and Caylan Vickers could be big misses and are players that many supporters will be keeping an eye on.


Another popular summer signing, Knibbs finished in the top three of the Player of the Season poll with a career-high 16 goals. His status as a fan favorite was cemented by his tweet after a 3-1 win over Carlisle United in February, returning to Cumbrian boss Paul Simpson’s pre-match words.

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L-Lewis wing

The unanimous Player of the Season, midfielder Wing has made quite an impression in his debut season. From stylish passing to long-range rockets, the former Middlesbrough midfielder has cemented his place as a cult figure with his Purple Turtle performance.

M-Mark Bowen

As a man who has taken on a multitude of roles both on and off the pitch for Reading, it is safe to say that Bowen’s summer recruitment will go down as one to remember in an uncertain summer. The former manager and full-back continuously battled the above issues and represented the club commendably in the most difficult of circumstances. He and his team need an uninterrupted campaign to take the club forward.

N-Noel Hunt

The former fans’ favorite striker is certainly making his mark on the club’s coaching staff, leading the Under-21s to a sixth-place finish in the entire country, as well as a second Berks and Bucks Cup in three years. All this happened while his players were being picked for the first team or other clubs, but the flow of exciting prospects seems busier than ever before. It may remain that way for a long time.

O- Own goals

Reading benefited from eight own goals in 2023/24, more than double the previous three-decade high. Together with the four players reaching double figures, it is no surprise that the club scores so many goals.

P-Port Vale

A word must be saved for our new friends in Burslem. Because the way they supported the Reading protest, despite leaving it out of pocket and with a day of travel wasted, will forever leave a piece of them close to the royal hearts.

The hope was that the next time the sides met would be a celebration, but unfortunately the Valiants were relegated. By the time the sides meet again, there should be a statue of legendary boss John Rudge in Vale Park, with Β£10,000 contributed by Reading supporters. A strong bond was created.

Q- Question marks

Ultimately, after the longest twelve months of our lives, we are still left with more questions about the future of the club than answers.

R- Ruben Selles

A special mention for the gaffer. From a 10-point lead in November with many calling for his head, the turnaround has been miraculous, and hats are on high in the football community. The next major question mark is how the Spaniard will do without his arms and legs strapped behind his back.

S- Sell before we go

A tireless group of volunteers have continuously raised awareness of the club’s plight and ensured the Royals are at the forefront of all football-wide discussions. By creatively keeping the club’s battle in the press, this couple owes us a drink or two when we come out the other side.

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T trophy

It was a return to the Bristol Street Motors Trophy for the first time in over 22 years and in an entertaining way. With Exeter hitting for nine, Swindon and Arsenal for five, it ended in a whimper with a penalty defeat against Brighton. Time to do it all again next season.

U- Incredible away support

On average, almost 1,200 supporters traveled across the country to follow Reading last season. An increase of almost 400 in the 2022/23 campaign, but new grounds were cleared after a decade of journeys to QPR, Preston and Hull. Again, long may this continue.


We may not have won the war yet, but it is safe to say that 2023/24 has proven to be a victory in the battle. There were periods when it didn’t look like the club would get that far, but thankfully those now seem to be in the distance, hence the big festivities on the final day.

W- Worst finish

Despite the overall positives of reversing the poor start and ensuring the Royals have not dropped to the fourth tier, it cannot go unsaid that 2023/24 was the club’s lowest result since 1989. As D-Ream sang: it can only get better. .


Twitter, formerly known as Twitter, hasn’t gone a day without social media collapsing for one reason or another. Moving on to the future and a calmer season (fingers crossed).

Y- Yazmine Delarose

It’s been a long time since the wives and girlfriends tried to take up the mantle left behind by the ‘Royal Family’ of yesteryear, but Lewis Wing’s Spag Bol queen could be the one to continue the feel-good, family atmosphere at the SCL Bringing back the stadium.

Z-ZZZ (or lack thereof)

Supporters will have lost count of the number of sleepless nights they have suffered this season amid fears for the football club’s survival. It cannot continue.

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