Sports quiz of the week: Kobbie Mainoo, Laura Kenny and Andy Murray

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  1. Kobbie Mainoo was included in the English selection at the age of 18. Who is the youngest player to have represented England, at the age of 17?

    1. Theo Walcott

    2. Duncan Edwards

    3. Wayne Rooney

    4. Michael Owen

  2. England will host Brazil at Wembley on Saturday evening. Brazil were the first visitors to the new Wembley Stadium in June 2007. Who made his debut in that match, won the first of his two England caps and became the first player from his club to represent England in 100 years?

    1. Kevin Davis

    2. James Beattie

    3. Nicky Shorey

    4. Steve Guppie

  3. Which footballer will miss the international break this weekend due to injury, ending his world record in his country’s last 84 matches?

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo

    2. Antoine Griezmann

    3. Jordan Henderson

    4. Angel Di María

  4. Laura Kenny retires from cycling. How many Olympic gold medals has she won?

    1. Three

    2. Five

    3. Seven

    4. Nine

  5. Who is the only British athlete to win more Olympic gold medals than Laura Kenny?

    1. Chris Hoy

    2. Ben Ainslie

    3. Steve Redgrave

    4. Jason Kenny

  6. Where is this picture taken?

    1. Montreal

    2. Miami

    3. Melbourne

    4. Mexico City

  7. Which team finished the Men’s Six Nations with a points difference of zero, having scored 115 points and conceded 115 points in their five matches?

    1. France

    2. England

    3. Scotland

    4. Wales

  8. Italy go into this summer’s Euro 2024 as reigning champions, but their manager, Luciano Spalletti, says he fears his players are addicted to…

    1. Pizza and pasta

    2. Play station

    3. Pokemon

    4. Celebrate

  9. The Women’s Six Nations starts this weekend. Which team has won the tournaments for the past five years in a row?

    1. France

    2. England

    3. Ireland

    4. Scotland

  10. Marlie Packer wins her 100th cap for England this weekend. What was Packer’s first career before becoming a professional rugby player?

    1. She was a sports journalist

    2. She was an actor (last seen in Line of Duty)

    3. She was a plumber

    4. She was a stand-up comedian

  11. The Women’s Champions League has reached the quarter-finals. Which country has two clubs in the last eight?

    1. Norway

    2. Sweden

    3. Spain

    4. France

  12. What is the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team cutting after 27 years?

    1. Their mascot Phillie Phanatic as he “no longer agrees with our values”

    2. The $1 hot dogs they sell in their stadium

    3. Free seating for the first 50 people arriving at the gate

    4. Their walk-on music – Thriller by Michael Jackson

  13. Who won the Women’s World Snooker Championship this week, becoming the first player from her country to win the tournament?

    1. Bai Yulu from China

    2. Karen Corr from Northern Ireland

    3. Mink Nutcharut from Thailand

    4. Reanne Evans from England

  14. Coventry drew against Manchester United in the FA Cup semi-final. Who did they play in the final when they won the cup in 1987?

    1. Manchester United

    2. Tottenham

    3. Everton

    4. Watford

  15. Premiership rugby returns on Friday evening after an eight-week break for the Six Nations. Which team is at the bottom of the table and has lost all twelve matches this season?

    1. Leicester Tigers

    2. Bristol

    3. Exeter Chiefs

    4. Newcastle Falcons

  16. Snooker player Kyren Wilson traveled to China to play in the World Open. What went wrong with him?

    1. He forgot that the World Open will not take place in China this year, but in Qatar

    2. He traveled by train, but had to leave his cue behind as they are not allowed on public transport in China

    3. He misjudged the time difference and arrived a day late for his first match

    4. He lost his luggage along the way and so had to play in a tracksuit


1:A – Walcott was 17 years and 75 days old when he played for England against Hungary in May 2006. He had made just 23 appearances for his club Arsenal before his international debut, none of which came in the Premier League. 2:C – Shorey was the first Reading player to represent England in almost 100 years., 3:B – Griezmann hasn’t missed a match against France in seven years., 4:B – Kenny won gold medals in London, Rio and Tokyo . , 5:D – Her husband. , 6:B – After winning his first round match at the Miami Open, Andy Murray was keen to tell the watching world that there’s still life in the old dog., 7:C – Scotland remains the most unpredictable team in the Six Nations. All their matches were tight: they beat Wales by one point, lost to Italy by two points, lost to Ireland and France by four points, and beat England by nine points. You never know which Scotland will appear, but they are always worth checking out., 8:B – Spalletti put his case to the media and said: “Don’t you care about PlayStations? You do not care. Do you think it is right that professionals who wear the Italy shirt do not sleep at night to play and do not give their best the next day? Addictions are not good. Your profession must not be disturbed. If you want to waste time, don’t come to the national team.”, 9:B – England are extremely dominant in the competition, having won 64 of their 75 matches in the Six Nations. , 10:C – Packer was still working as a plumber when she won the World Cup with England in 2014. , 11:D – PSG and Lyon. The other six teams are: Ajax, Barcelona, ​​Brann, Benfica, Chelsea and Häcken., 12:B – They got tired of fans throwing hot dogs at matches, so raised the prices. , 13:A – It was an entertaining final. Yulu secured the win by potting the pink in the deciding frame. 14:B – Coventry won the final 3-2. They also beat Manchester United in that cup tie in 1987. The teams met in the second round at Old Trafford and Coventry won 1-0., 15:D – They haven’t won a home game for a year., 16:B – ” We were advised to travel to Beijing and then take a domestic flight to Yushan, but I would prefer to minimize flying time as much as possible,” said Wilson. “I like to jump on the high-speed train. The cue isn’t the most important thing to me. I feel like I can pick one up if things go wrong.”


  1. 3 and higher.

    Oh well, better luck next week.

  2. 4 and higher.

    Oh well, better luck next week.

  3. 5 and higher.

    Oh well, better luck next week.

  4. 6 and above.

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

  5. 7 and higher.

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

  6. 8 and above.

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

  7. 2 and higher.

    Oh well, better luck next week.

  8. 1 and higher.

    Oh well, better luck next week.

  9. 9 and above.

    Nicely done. Good weekend.

  10. 10 and above.

    Nicely done. Good weekend.

  11. 11 and above.

    Nicely done. Good weekend.

  12. 12 and above.

    Nicely done. That’s a great score. Good weekend.

  13. 13 and above.

    That’s a fantastic score. Nice weekend.

  14. 14 and above.

    That’s a fantastic score. Nice weekend.

  15. 15 and above.

    That’s a fantastic score. Nice weekend.

  16. 0 and higher.

    Oh well, better luck next week.

  17. 16 and above.

    That’s a fantastic score. Nice weekend.

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