Building fairness into AI is crucial – and difficult to do well

Artificial intelligence’s ability to process and analyze large amounts of data has revolutionized decision-making processes, making operations in healthcare, finance, criminal justice and other sectors of society more efficient and, in many cases, more effective. However, this transformative power comes with a significant responsibility: the need to ensure that these technologies are developed and deployed … Read more

Why the editing and manipulation controversy could be just the beginning

The Princess of Wales and her children in the first photo of her since her abdominal surgery was released (PA Media) It was apparently intended to put an end to the speculation. But the latest image released of the Princess of Wales has only led to more of it. As soon as the photo was … Read more

AI permeates everyday life with virtually no oversight. States are doing everything they can to catch up

DENVER (AP) — While artificial intelligence made headlines with ChatGPT, the behind-the-scenes technology has quietly seeped into everyday life — screening resumes, applying for rental apartments and in some cases even determining medical care. While a number of AI systems have been found to be discriminatory and tip the balance in favor of certain races, … Read more