Scientists identify the origin of the ‘BOAT’ – the brightest cosmic explosion of all time

Using the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), scientists have finally solved the mysterious origins of the ‘BOAT’, possibly the largest cosmic explosion since the Big Bang. The brightest gamma-ray burst of all time (hence the abbreviation The Brightest Of All Time), also called the BOOT, appears to have been launched by a supernova explosion that … Read more

Cannibal stars at the heart of the Milky Way remain horribly young

Scientists have discovered the gruesome secret behind the apparent youth of some stars at the heart of the Milky Way — stars that are participating in a kind of cosmic demolition derby around our Milky Way’s supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A* or Sgr A*. Like a cosmic version of 17th-century serial killer Elizabeth Bathory, who … Read more

Why are some supermassive black hole jets so short? Astronomers may have solved the case

A new study of a rare and short-lived type of galaxy has revealed that such objects harbor dormant supermassive black holes that briefly awaken to tear apart a massive star and devour its remains like a giant cosmic breakfast. ‘Compact Symmetric Objects’ or CSOs are active galaxies from which two jets emerge at almost the … Read more

Explosion of ‘vampire’ neutron stars linked to fighter jets traveling at near-light speeds

A neutron star is the remains of a massive star that once died during a supernova explosion. Overall, neutron stars are considered some of the most extreme objects in the known universe – and that’s especially true when these incredibly dense stellar remnants sit next to companion stars (that haven’t yet ‘died’) close enough to … Read more

Scientists may finally know why this infamous supernova wears a ‘string of pearls’

Scientists may have discovered how a supernova relatively close to Earth became adorned with a remarkable “string of pearls” formation. Supernova 1987A (SN 1987A) represents the remnants of a massive cosmic explosion that ripped apart a massive star and left behind a neutron star surrounded by stellar material. It is located in a satellite galaxy … Read more