Will Poch the builder ever get Chelsea’s chaotic house in order?

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That Chelsea feeling, rather.Photo: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images


Heading into a midweek FA Cup fourth round replay at Villa Park, Chelsea’s hardcore traveling support are unlikely to surf into Birmingham on a wave of anything approaching optimism. Mauricio Pochettino’s side were humiliated in their most recent match against a side from that corner of the woods, with their collective back end handed to them by a Wolves team forced to offload many of its best players in the summer and appointing only their inexperienced young players. manager 10 minutes before the first game of the season. Despite the turmoil in which Wolves were forced to start the campaign, the manner in which they went to Stamford Bridge and blew up Chelsea’s house was not a huge shock. Especially now that we have been told that the house in question is only in the early stages of construction.

“It’s like building a house,” Pochettino said in his pre-match media address, after being asked – and we’re paraphrasing Dolly Parton here – how on earth club owners can spend so much money to make their team look so cheap . “You have to be sure of all the steps you take. We build from scratch. It always takes time. Look at the project of Manchester City or Liverpool. It is always about time and very clear leadership like Pep [Guardiola] or Jürgen [Klopp]. It’s so clear that you’re building these projects.”

Now Football Daily likes Poch, thinks he’s a nice guy and knows he’s well-mannered because he once held a door open for us on the Spurs training ground in an incident that led to a no-you-go-first standoff That lasted so long that we almost got into a fight. However, we can’t help but feel that while Chelsea’s manager is right to point out that Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp took their time building their respective homes, they at least seemed to be competent architects and experienced construction workers instead of a few company cowboy builders who sit on the property all day, drinking tea and playing cards.

After seeing the number of unsolvable problems Pedro Neto caused for Chelsea’s defenders and midfielders last Sunday, Pochettino needs to address some pressing issues if he wants his side not to be torn apart by the combined forces of Alex Moreno, Douglas Luiz, John McGinn and Ollie Watkins. were all in sensational form against Sheffield United last weekend and will be valuing their chances of running around and over the creaking load-bearing wall that is Thiago Silva tonight.

After Sunday’s defeat, Brazil’s Belle was quick to air her thoughts on the platform formerly known as Twitter, appearing to call for Pochettino’s dismissal in a tweet that is believed to have led to somewhat tense atmosphere around the Silva dining table on Sunday evening. “I am sorry that my personal outburst as a passionate Chelsea fan has had such an impact,” she said today. “I am passionate about the team, I thrive on wins and am saddened by defeats. We all want the same thing: a winning team, come on Chelsea.” Mrs Silva has spoken and now it’s time for Pochettino to get his half-finished house in order.


Join Scott Murray at 8pm GMT for hot minute-by-minute updates on Aston Villa 3-1 Chelsea in their FA Cup Fourth Round replay, while Michael Butler will be on hand at the same time to bring you coverage of the 1-1 against Ivory Coast DR Congo (3-2 pens aet) in the semi-finals of Afcon.


“The Force Awakens, that gave me a lot of inspiration last night. And I am sure that the resistance will continue to inspire and that we can keep that evil empire at bay. For now, all I’m thinking about is the need to see The Mandalorian. The message is that you should always have skilled finishers, like the Jedi Knights, that they have the ability to deliver a fatal hit to the Death Star.” – Um, Emma Hayes there, on how she’s using Star Wars to navigate her final season at Chelsea.


Re: Lionel Messi’s photo (quote of the day yesterday): Inter Miami decided to troll/pre-empt the inevitable question from journalists and fans about whether Messi would play in Vissel Kobe’s friendly by saying ‘Say never never’ to be printed all over the screen behind him? –
Alistair Hubbard.

A tip of the cap to the great Eden Hazard (Voetbaldagblad from yesterday). Choose life to usurp the great Mark Renton. Choose a job. Choose flash cars. Choose expensive houses. Choose individual honors during long, somber ceremonies. Choose to be a ‘brand ambassador’ and promote products you don’t like on Instagram. Choose to spend your late 30s racking up numbers in easy competitions. Pick pointless friendlies in faraway places… but why would I want to do such a thing? I chose not to choose life. I chose something different. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you have good friends and a beer? – Noble Francis.

I’m slightly shocked that Eden Hazard drinks a glass of rosé when he attends a barbecue. Assuming the barbecue consists mainly of steaks, chops, briskets, or heavily seasoned ribs, any continental type would certainly want to pair that meal with a hearty red wine. There are countless choices available to the affluent Mr H: a bold Californian Cabernet, a Chilean Rioja, a spicy Burgundy. Rosé – phfffft!” – Mike Wilner (and no other wannabe wine lovers).

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“This collaboration with Boyzone is part of ongoing discussions that could potentially make them the face of Boyzone [the club]. This is a game-changer that has the potential to put our city in the spotlight like never before and generate a buzz and publicity that will shine a bright light on [the town]” – Chorley FC trumpets news that Ronan Keating, Shane Lynch and Keith Duffy will attend the FA Trophy match against Solihull Moors thanks to a friendship with co-owner Prince Yemoh. The existence of Chorley cake has already benefited the town more than its aging singers.

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