The 13 Seemingly Harmless Habits That Increase Your Risk of Dementia

If you are a coffee lover who enjoys attending various concerts and spending time on Netflix, you may be at increased risk for a common brain disorder. Scientists warn that certain seemingly harmless habits can cause the brain to age prematurely, with the chance of developing dementia increasing as you engage in other, everyday habits. … Read more

FA-backed dementia research has been hit by conflict of interest claims, leaving families frustrated

England brothers Jack and Bobby Charlton, who recently won the World Cup, are among a host of famous footballers suffering from dementia – Getty Images/Bob Thomas Families of former footballers with dementia have faced ‘unconscionable’ delays in deciding their occupational disease claim, amid concerns over potential conflicts of interest. It comes as the funder of … Read more

I am a top doctor in the field of dementia. This is what I did when my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

Prof Peter Garrard (right) with his parents Every time he hears the comment: “You can’t do anything for someone with Alzheimer’s disease,” Prof. Peter Garrard becomes frustrated. “I immediately think: ‘Keep those people away from my patients,’” he says. “My goal is to treat a person with dementia with dignity and respect. It is not … Read more

What we’re doing wrong about nutrition and mental health

Patel-Dunn is a psychiatrist. A growing body of evidence links the consumption of unhealthy and ultra-processed foods to an increase in mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. A 2022 study found that the more ultra-processed foods a participant consumed, the more likely they were to report anxiety and depression. Other studies have linked … Read more

New research into the Mediterranean diet shows it is linked to healthy brain aging

Following the Mediterranean diet as one ages appears to reduce the risk of cognitive decline, according to another study – one scientist says it’s the strongest evidence yet of its benefits. Researchers from the University of Barcelona in Spain followed nearly 850 French citizens over the age of 65 for more than a decade. The … Read more