World Health Day 20 -Freshangle News

As we commemorate World Health Day 2024 with the theme ‘My Health, My Right’, emphasis is placed on the critical importance of good diet and nutrition, especially in regions such as Central and West Africa. Nutrition is the foundation of human health and influences every aspect of physical, cognitive and emotional well-being. In these regions, … Read more

Why Zoe Daemer Formulated a Menopause Supplement

Perimenopause and menopause are important but challenging physiological phases that women face. However, with the right knowledge and support, we can move through these changes with resilience. Zoe Daemar, co-founder of women’s menopause supplement brand Mister Jones, says the lack of awareness around menopause is baffling. “Like puberty, it is a natural stage of life, … Read more

After measles outbreaks, scientists are wary of new threats

Measles, a highly contagious but preventable disease, is reemerging in parts of the United States, a warning of the dangers of the strengthening anti-vaccine movement. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recorded more cases this year than the 58 in all of 2023, although the agency is not expected to release the exact … Read more

The role of mitochondria in nutrition and health

Understanding mitochondriaMitochondria and nutrition: a deeper connectionMitochondrial dysfunction and health consequencesThe role of mitochondria in aging and longevityDietary strategies to support mitochondrial healthFuture directions: mitochondria in medical researchReferencesRead further The powerhouse of the cell, mitochondria play a surprising role in nutrition and health because their function in energy production directly affects the body’s metabolism, which … Read more

Global health research suffers from a power imbalance; decolonizing mentorship can contribute to a level playing field

Mentorship is a cornerstone of the infrastructure that supports global health. Transferring knowledge, developing skills, and cultivating a supportive professional environment among researchers and physicians around the world are critical to achieving healthcare equity on a global scale. For example, most people in Africa would now be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 if the patented knowledge … Read more

Why the toxic ballet world is resistant to change

Difficult art: ballet is hard on the feet, body and mind – SimonSkafar For more than half a millennium it has been the most beautiful art form; that little girls all over the world dream about, with streams of young hopefuls throwing themselves at the feet of schools every year. Yet in recent months, a … Read more

The data privacy problem of mental health apps is getting worse

Mental health apps have become increasingly common in recent years, especially due to the rise of telehealth during the coronavirus pandemic. However, there is a problem: data privacy is compromised in the process. “Data is incredibly lucrative in the digital space,” Darrell West, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, told Yahoo Finance. “That’s how … Read more