Do you have what it takes to become a pilot? Take our test and find out

Airline easyJet has developed a quick aptitude test for pilots to encourage more potential pilots to sign up – here we’ve created our own quiz – Getty Square circle. Square-star. Square-square: a match. This is not a game for children, but part of a quick aptitude test for pilots developed by airline easyJet. The puzzles … Read more

How Southend Airport wants to bring back the glory days

Southend Airport hopes to return to the days when it handled two million customers a year: SOUTHEND AIRPORT Five years ago, Telegraph Travel reported on the “remarkable renaissance” of London Southend. Two million passengers left Essex Airport on 9,467 flights in 2019, a year-on-year increase of around 30 per cent. “Southend is the country’s fastest … Read more

The rise of multi-generational holidays – and why not every grandma wants to travel with her family

Retired photo librarian Alan Thomas booked a South African safari for his children and grandchildren to celebrate his 80th birthday Apparently, holidays with grandchildren can be good for you. Or at least that’s what biogerontologist Dr. James Brown, a scientist who specializes in the aging process, discovered in a recent report. Three-generation vacations can improve … Read more