is this the best way to adventure in Mexico?

is this the best way to adventure in Mexico?

The air in Oaxaca’s Huatulco National Park is as thick as soup, and the abundance of living things is so rich that my senses feel satiated. Zapotec guide Perfecto Careno Ramirez portrays the bounty through memories of his youth on this land. There is the grado tree used to connect with ancestors during ceremonies; the … Read more

The latest | The total solar eclipse begins in North America

A total solar eclipse has begun. The totality lasts a maximum of 4 minutes and 28 seconds in certain places. The solar eclipse will cross North America, darkening the sky along a path through Mexico, the United States and Canada. Here’s the latest: TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE BEGINS IN NORTH AMERICA OVER MEXICO A total solar … Read more

Meet the man who trains Premier League players, boxing champions and millionaire CEOs

We tend to assume that professional athletes are the strongest people on earth. But how fit is the man who keeps the fittest people on earth fit? Dan Lawrence, with the physique and face of a Thor body double, is that man. In any case, he is one of a select group of performance coaches … Read more

Grow, sell, repeat: how Brazilian football fuels Europe and the Premier League with young talent

Endrick, who will join Real Madrid this summer, is Brazil’s next top talent (Getty Images) For any Brazilian teenager who breaks into the first team of a big club like Corinthians, Sao Paulo, Flamengo or Fluminense, there’s a good chance they’ve just earned a lucrative ticket to European football. The five most expensive transfers in … Read more

In Senegal’s capital, Nicaragua is a hot ticket among travel agents as migrants try to reach the US

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — Gueva Ba tried to reach Europe by boat from Morocco 11 times, but failed in each attempt. Then in 2023, the former welder heard about a new route to the United States by flying to Nicaragua and making the rest of the journey illegally overland to Mexico’s northern border. “In Senegal … Read more

Mexico City’s 21 million residents are facing a severe water shortage

MEXICO CITY – North America’s most populous city is in the grip of a serious water crisis, as persistent drought and years of little rain push the already stressed system that supplies Mexico City with running water to its limits. More than 21 million residents in the Mexico City metropolitan area have suffered water shortages … Read more

It may only be months before one of the world’s largest cities runs out of water

Alejandro Gomez has been without good running water for more than three months. Sometimes it lasts an hour or two, but only a trickle, barely enough to fill a few buckets. Then nothing for a few days. Gomez, who lives in Mexico City’s Tlalpan neighborhood, doesn’t have a large storage tank so she can’t get … Read more