Meet the Eclipse Chasers who travel thousands of kilometers for the astronomical event

aFor ancient civilizations who considered solar eclipses a bad omen, the sight of this cosmic phenomenon would have been cause for despair. But for many enthusiasts traveling thousands of miles to see the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, the opposite is true. “I’m not religious at all. But [the eclipse is] almost as close … Read more

To the Mayans, solar eclipses were a sign of celestial collisions – and their astronomers kept sophisticated records to predict them

We live in a light-polluted world, where street lamps, electronic advertisements, and even backyard lights block out all but the brightest celestial objects in the night sky. But travel to an officially protected “Dark Sky” area, look up at the sky and be amazed. This is the view of heaven that humans had for millennia. … Read more

These solar eclipse glasses won’t scorch your eyeballs, experts say

According to NASA, solar eclipses occur up to five times a year. However, where you are will determine whether you can get in on the astronomical action. Well, you’ve probably already heard the buzz: a solar eclipse will be visible from the US on Monday afternoon, April 8, and now’s the time to get ready. … Read more

How will the 2024 total solar eclipse differ from the 2017 total solar eclipse?

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse moved from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, casting a narrow corridor through 14 U.S. states under the moon’s shadow in the first coast-to-coast totality in 99 years. On that day, Oregon’s shadow moved across the U.S. toward South Carolina, moving roughly northwest to southeast. It’s … Read more