How a giant sunspot unleashed solar storms that created global auroras that blinded us all

2024 was a good year for spectacular space shows, some of which were visible from our own backyard. First, it was the total solar eclipse early April. Then, late last week, the sun became the “star” attraction again: a huge sunspot caused a series of solar storms strengthened the auroramaking the ethereal view visible from … Read more

A National Geographic photographer gave me advice on photographing the total solar eclipse. This is how my photos turned out.

My photo of the total solar eclipse (left) next to a professional recording of a total solar eclipse from 2015 (right).Ellyn Lapointe / Damien Deltenre/Wikimedia Commons Taking a great photo of a total solar eclipse is difficult, so I asked a NatGeo photographer for help. Babak Tafreshi has been photographing solar eclipses for thirty years. … Read more

In Indiana, the best place to see the 2024 solar eclipse is wherever you are

Indianapolis, IN – For the past few weeks, Kaleb Boone, 9, has been mapping the sky. He has mapped, he has measured, he has made plans and he has carefully watched the weather. The reason why is simple. It’s what every astronomer should do in anticipation of a major cosmic event. When the comet 12P/Pons-Brooks … Read more

The truth about the ‘harmful cosmic rays’ that will supposedly pass close to Earth ‘tonight’

Getty Images Claim: Dangerous cosmic rays will pass by Earth tonight, causing harm to those who leave nearby personal devices turned on. Judgement: Rating: false As the total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 approached, Snopes’ inbox began to fill with the familiar claim that “tonight” cosmic rays would pass close to Earth, endangering those … Read more

The latest | The total solar eclipse begins in North America

A total solar eclipse has begun. The totality lasts a maximum of 4 minutes and 28 seconds in certain places. The solar eclipse will cross North America, darkening the sky along a path through Mexico, the United States and Canada. Here’s the latest: TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE BEGINS IN NORTH AMERICA OVER MEXICO A total solar … Read more

What the world has learned from previous eclipses

Photograph (bromide print) showing the instruments used by the British expedition sent from Sobral, Brazil, to the total solar eclipse on May 29, 1919. Sir Arthur Eddington of the University of Cambridge organized the eclipse trip to test Einstein’s theory of relativity. During the event, two heliostats with movable mirrors were used to send images … Read more

Where and when to look and what to pay attention to

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news about fascinating discoveries, scientific developments and more. The day has finally arrived. After nearly seven years of waiting, it’s time for a total solar eclipse that will create a celestial display in the skies above the United States, as well as parts … Read more

The 5 stages of the 2024 total solar eclipse explained for April 8

On Monday, April 8, the 2024 total solar eclipse will cross the sky over North America. Although all of North America and Central America will experience at least a partial solar eclipse, it will pass within a path about 185 kilometers (115 miles) wide across 15 U.S. states. Mexico and Canada will also witness totality … Read more

Astrotourism – chasing eclipses, meteor showers and elusive dark skies from Earth

For years, small groups of astronomy enthusiasts have traveled the world in search of the rare solar eclipse. They’ve embarked on cruises to the middle of the ocean, taken flights into the path of the solar eclipse, and even traveled to Antarctica. In August 2017, millions of people in the US witnessed a total solar … Read more