Did the poor and troubled suburbs of Paris win Olympic gold?

The Francs-Moisins estate near the Stade de France, where a sign reads ‘Here we build (ourselves)’ (JULIEN DE ROSA) Less than 500 meters separate the Stade de France – the glittering centerpiece of the Paris Olympics – and the crumbling Francs-Moisins estate, plagued by poverty and crime. Samia Achoui, a secretary who lives in one … Read more

Can Nigeria rise above ‘avoidable chaos’ and end Olympic drought?

I was partying all the time in college, and then it was all about the Olympics

Eilish McColgan has emulated her mother at the Commonwealths and European Championships and would like to go further at the Paris Olympics – REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay Things you wouldn’t expect in an interview with Eilish McColgan: To discuss the merits of the “Helicopter Burger” – bacon, chips, Lorne sausage, beef patty and fried egg wrapped in … Read more