Jurgen Klopp’s old office and state-of-the-art facilities: behind the scenes at Liverpool Women

Liverpool’s Leanne Kiernan trains at Melwood – Paul Cooper gym Matt Beard looks out over Liverpool’s historic Melwood training grounds from his corner office. The room, which belonged to Jurgen Klopp before the men’s team left the ground, doesn’t have many personal touches specific to women’s manager Beard, apart from one priceless item hanging on … Read more

The eight ways cabin crew learn to deal with unruly passengers

Cabin crew are specially trained to deal with unruly passengers on board – Getty Cabin brawls seem to appear in the newspapers almost every week. In February 2024 alone, two highly publicized fights broke out on Ryanair flights between Edinburgh and Tenerife. The air rage is officially on the rise: between 2019 and 2022, the … Read more

Why the toxic ballet world is resistant to change

Difficult art: ballet is hard on the feet, body and mind – SimonSkafar For more than half a millennium it has been the most beautiful art form; that little girls all over the world dream about, with streams of young hopefuls throwing themselves at the feet of schools every year. Yet in recent months, a … Read more