I lost four stone in six months – even though I always hated exercise

After almost a year of deliberation, Fiona Dawson quit her senior role at a luxury fashion retailer to focus on her health I worked in marketing for decades. I loved my job, but the long hours and a very stressful environment made me lose sight of all my priorities, especially my health. The kilos had … Read more

Icelandic scientists want to drill a hole into a reservoir of molten magma about a mile underground. It could generate unlimited energy.

Clouds of smoke rise from a borehole created when scientists accidentally drilled into a magma chamber in 2009.KMT Scientists in Iceland want to drill directly into an underground magma chamber. The project could provide clues about how volcanoes work and create geothermal energy. The biggest hurdles are getting financing for the project and figuring out … Read more

How to Lose One Pound a Week

Losing a pound a week may seem difficult, but what if we told you that sustainable weight loss is easier than you might think? In this weight loss guide, we explore an approach that doesn’t involve extreme diets or grueling exercise routines, but instead healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits. We spoke with Tracie Haines-Landram, CSCS, … Read more